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Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide

Alchemy trainer Elixrist Au'pyr in Oribos' southern portion of Hall of Shapes
Alchemy trainer Elixrist Au'pyr in Oribos' southern portion of Hall of Shapes / Activision Blizzard and

Shadowlands Alchemy leveling guide is something many are looking for. With Sanctum of Domination releasing July 6, you may want to learn how to make elixirs and potions yourself instead of spending a chunk of change on the Auction House.

Shadowlands Alchemy Leveling Guide

Alchemy is best paired with the Herbalism profession, as herbs will be your primary resource used to create potions. Additionally, Rune Etched Vials from any Alchemy vendor will be needed in bulk.

The best way to level up Alchemy is to minimize herbs used, while making sure you are leveling up your skill in the most consistent ways possible. For example: Death Blossoms are the most common herb you will have on you from simply playing the game, so we will use Death Blossoms as the most common herb for our recipes.

When you open your Alchemy UI, look for any orange text recipes to craft that require Death Blossoms. Orange named recipes guarantee a skill-up, while yellow will give you skill-ups most of the time, green named recipes will occasionally give you a skill-up, and gray will never give you a skill-up.

To begin, recipes like Spiritual Healing Potion and Spiritual Mana Potion will yield some guaranteed skill-ups, until you reach 20/175 skill. Keep progressing forward with preferably orange recipes, and the occasional yellow if you have to, and you will be climbing in Alchemy in no time.

NOTE: Goblins and Kul'Tiran Humans have a bonus for Alchemy. Goblins have +15 on their Alchemy skill due to their racial passive Better Living Through Chemistry, and Kul'Tiran Humans gain +5 Alchemy skill from Jack of All Trades.