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Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Guide for 9.1

Near the Jewelcrafting trainer in the Hall of Shapes
Near the Jewelcrafting trainer in the Hall of Shapes / Activision Blizzard

Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Guide for 9.1 is a resource many are looking for, and levelling any given profession has never been easier. Jewelcrafting skill goes from 1-100.

Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Guide for 9.1

One of the key points about Jewelcrafting in 9.1 is the Jewelcrafter's ability to create Shadowghast rings and necklaces, the base items used to create Legendary-quality jewelry.

To learn Jewelcrafting, head to Appraiser Au'vesk in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos. Near Au'vesk you will find Distributor Au'kharn, the Jewelcrafting supplier. You will get your recipes from Au'vesk.

Leveling Jewelcrafting

The Prospecting skill learned from Jewelcrafting when combined with mining will serve as the main form of leveling Jewelcrafting up until you hit 25/100 Jewelcrafting skill.

From 25-40, start pumping out Masterful Laestrite Chokers and Deadly Laestrite Chokers. 30-40 will have you going back to Prospecting, just this time you will be Mass Prospecting.

40-50 will have you pumping out Versatile Laestrite Chokers and Quick Laestrite Chokers. From 50-70 you have a handful of choices, many of the Jewel Clusters should be orange and yellow, allowing for guaranteed and generally consistent skill-ups respectively.

A Jewelcrafting skill of 70 and onwards to the max of 100 will now have you crafting the blue-quality rings and necklaces. Depending on what resources you mined on the way, some rings and necklaces will be easier to craft. For example, if you find yourself with loads of Sinvyr from Ravendreth, you may craft a bunch of Deadly Sinvyr Rings and Deadly Sinvyr Necklaces.

Legendary Crafting XP

The aforementioned Legendary base items has four ranks that require successive material to craft.

Each Legendary base item has its own XP bar of sorts. You have to keep pumping out the same gear slot to level up the rank of a given Legendary base item. If you want to upgrade your base Legendary necklaces, you must keep crafting necklaces to increase your ranks.