Shadowlands Level 60 Character Boost Announced, Now Available

"Bring your hero up to speed."
"Bring your hero up to speed." / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Blizzard's new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Level 60 Character Boost is now available.

With the announcement of Patch 9.2, Blizzard also revealed that the existing Level 50 Character Boost offering will now increase characters to Level 60. The price of the service remains unchanged and still costs $60 USD to purchase via and in-game.

Shadowlands Level 60 Character Boost Announced, Now Available

"There comes a time in every hero’s quest when they need a helping hand to get them over the hump and right back into the action," the offering's official description reads. "Now you can instantly grant one character a one-time boost to level 60 and take your adventure to new heights right away."

Once purchased, the Level 60 Character Boost token functions just as its previous offering.

In-game, players with the boost can follow the on-screen prompts to boost their character and select custom options such as talent specializations. When the boost is applied, the character receives a new set of gear appropriate to their new level, as well as four 22-slot bags. The gear the character was originally wearing — and everything in the character’s inventory — is sent to the in-game mailbox.

Incomplete quests are automatically abandoned, and all quest items are destroyed. To restart any of the abandoned quests, visit the relevant quest giver.

With their new-found powers, boosted characters will be ready to play the following new WoW content:

  • Battle for Azeroth World quests, islands, and war fronts are unlocked.
  • The mission table and followers normally gained through leveling up are unlocked.
  • The first chapter of the war campaign is completed.

Blizzard notes that boosted characters are unable to enter dungeons and raids from previous expansions for 24 hours, and that content from there must be unlock through normal play.

After reaching Level 60 and completing the storyline “The Master of Revendreth” along with the quests “The End of the Beginning” and “The Looming Dark,” players will receive the quest “Choosing Your Purpose” summoning them to Oribos. Here, they’ll be able to pledge themselves to one of the four Covenants: Kyrian, Necrolord, Night Fae, and Venthyr.

Each Covenant offers its champions two unique abilities, along with other powers and cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked through their Covenant Campaign — a storyline unique to the faction — and other activities over time. This alliance also gives the player access to a Covenant Sanctum, a base of operations only open to players who have forged a pact with its leaders.

The Level 60 Character Boost is not available in World of Warcraft Classic games, as well as does not unlock players' race Heritage Armor sets.