Shepherds of Enoch: Outriders Tips

Shepherds of Enoch in Outriders is an unusually difficult side quest.
Shepherds of Enoch in Outriders is an unusually difficult side quest. / Photo courtesy of People Can Fly/Square Enix

The Shepherds of Enoch Outriders quest seems like a normal side-quest, but its difficulty appears to spike in the last section of the mission. The quest's last fight, against the Shaman Warlord, is almost unfairly difficult, as the enemy has an HP pool so massive as to be difficult to believe. Here's how you can beat the Shama Warlord and complete the quest.

Shepherds of Enoch: Outriders Walkthrough

If you're playing Outriders on the higher World Tiers, you'll need a lot of sustain to make it through the Shaman Warlord. Stacking items and weapons that heal you, including weapon life leech, skills life leech, Essence Thief, and other sustainability items and effects will be the key to victory.

Any piece of equipment that isn't gaining you HP should be preserving it as much as possible. The more powerful your defenses, the more likely you'll be able to endure the long fight against the Shaman Warlord.

Start the fight by clearing out the miscellaneous enemies, then kite the Shaman Warlord, running away whenever you need to reload or heal up.

Although it has yet to be confirmed as such, it seems likely this boss's HP is bugged, as the loot dropped after killing it is underwhelming to say the least. If you're still set on killing it, these tips should net you the win.