Shiftry Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiftry Pokemon GO is a Grass and Dark type Pokemon originally introduced in the third Generation of mainline Pokemon games. It is the final form of Seedot. You can also fight Shiftry in Raids. Here's how you can catch the Wicked Pokemon.

Shiftry Pokemon GO: How to Catch

The first way to get Shiftry is to evolve Seedot. Seedot can be caught in forests and gardens. It evolves into Nuzleaf with 25 Candies, and then into Shiftry with another 100 Candies.

You can also challenge Shiftry in Tier 4 raids. Shiftry is Grass and Dark, meaning it is doubly weak against Bug type Pokemon like Scizor or Heracross. It should go down easily if you hammer it with Bug moves. Be careful, as Shiftry may have the Hurricane move which will deal Flying damage against your Bugs. Heracross specifically is doubly weak to this attack.

Shiftry isn't the strongest Grass or Dark type by itself, but is still a fairly effective Pokemon to have on your team. Its best move is Leaf Blade and pairs well with any of its quick attacks.

Photo courtesy of Niantic and GAMEFREAK.