Shiny Buizel Pokémon GO Debuts in Kanto Countdown Celebration

How to get Shiny Buizel in Pokémon GO.
How to get Shiny Buizel in Pokémon GO. / Photos by GAMEFREAK and Niantic Labs

Shiny Buizel Pokémon GO will be making its debut in a Sinnoh celebration event during the countdown to Pokémon GO Tour Kanto. The event will feature many fourth generation Pokémon and give you the chance to catch a Shiny Buizel in Pokémon GO for the first time.

The Sinnoh event will run from January 12-17. You'll be able to find the some Sinnoh Pokémon more frequently in the wild, like Buizel. It's unknown at this point if the event will increase spawns for Shiny Buizel. Normally, you can expect to find a Shiny of a certain Pokémon once every 450 encounters.

Shiny Buizel Pokémon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Pokémon don't appear on the map as Shiny, so you'll have to engage each Buizel you see. You'll know you got a Shiny if you see the sparkle over the Pokémon's model and by its nametag. Of course, the Pokémon will also be a different color. A Shiny Buizel is almost all yellow, and its flotation ring around its neck is silver.

Shiny Buizel Pokémon GO Evolution

Buizel evolves into Floatzel, a pure Water type Pokémon. It will cost you 50 Candy to evolve Buizel into Floatzel, which you should have lying around after going through all of the Buizel in the Shiny hunt. Floatzel can be a decent Water type attacker, but is outclassed easily by most other Water types. Floatzel does look slick as a Shiny, keeping the same yellow and silver coloration it had as Buizel.