Shiny Chespin Pokémon GO: How to Catch

Niantic Labs, The Pokémon Company

From 2 p.m. local time to 5 p.m. on Jan. 7, the grass starter from generation six Chespin will be the featured Community Day Pokémon. Chespin comes from the Kalos region which took place in the 3DS games Pokémon X and Y back in 2013. With Chespin being the Community Day Pokémon, Pokémon GO players might be wondering if they can catch a Shiny Chespin. If they are lucky enough, yes they can, and here is how.

Shiny Chespin Pokémon GO: How to Catch

Unfortunately, when it comes to shiny Pokémon hunting in Pokémon GO, there is no method to increase your chances of directly encountering a shiny. The best chance to catch a shiny Pokémon is to know which Pokémon will be spawning more frequently in the wild and when so you can prepare.

Since we now know that Chespin will be a Community Day Pokémon next month, that should be enough time to get ready to shiny hunt if you want a Shiny Chespin. Chespin during those few hours will appear more frequently in the wild. An incense will lure wild Pokémon directly toward you for an hour so using one each hour during the Chespin Community Day will hopefully bring waves of Chespin.

You will likely end up catching a surplus of Chespin which is perfect if you need it in your collection. Even if you do not manage to catch a Shiny Chespin, all the other Chespin you catch might be enough candies to evolve it into a Quilladin or even a Chesnaught.