Shiny Cubone Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Cubone Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know
Shiny Cubone Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know / Niantic Labs

Shiny Cubone Pokemon GO sports a distinct color palette from its normal variant—and its evolved form, Marowak.

Cubone carved its way into trainers' hearts with its original introduction as the baby Pokemon that lost its mother in the main series. Trainers flocked to protect this Pokemon and add it to their team, destined to help it overcome its sorrow. In Pokemon GO, Cubone appears in the wild throughout the world—most commonly in open areas during sunny days and clear nights.

Shiny Cubone Pokemon GO

Shiny Cubone is the alternate palette of Cubone, sporting an emerald green hue over the main part of its body. Its belly, hooves, skull, and club remain their same respective cream and white. Despite Cubone being released in the primary version of the game, its shiny variant didn't make a debut until Nov. 5, 2018 with the Ingress Prime Celebration event.

The chance to encounter a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO is around 450:1 or a 0.22% chance per encounter. Unfortunately, trainers won't know their spawned Cubone is shiny until they tap into the encounter. However, increased encounters does mean more chances for those low odds to kick in.

Cubone tends to be a common feature in low-tier egg groups, annual Halloween events, GO Fest and more. At the time of writing, trainers can encounter Cubone in 2 k.m. eggs and increasingly in the wild with the 2020 Halloween programming.

There isn't much of a place for pure ground-type Cubone in competitive content. Its CP ceiling is 1019, attack stat is 90, defense is 144, and stamina is 137. It can have a hit point total of 120. The best bet would be to evolve it into Marowak with the use of 50 candies.

Cubone is part of the original 151 from the Kanto region with a PokeDex number of 104. Also known as the "Lonely Pokemon," it is known for wearing the skull of its dead mother and staining it with its tears of grief. Poor Cubone.