Shiny Deerling Pokemon GO Autumn Form is Live

Shiny Deerling Pokemon GO: Unova's newest seasonal release
Shiny Deerling Pokemon GO: Unova's newest seasonal release / Niantic Labs

Shiny Deerling Pokemon GO is ready to show off its new fall form during the Autumn event starting on Oct. 9, 2020.

Trainers can encounter the seasonally shifting Pokemon, Deerling, this season in its brand new autumn form. Mainstream Unova trainers should recall Deerling's unique capabilities to naturally change its coloring according to the current season. It goes without saying, of course, that its evolved form, Sawsbuck, follows suit with fantastical foliage about its antlers.

Shiny Deerling Pokemon GO

Deerling is making its first-ever debut—meaning that, at the time of writing, only the autumn form is available in-game. This normal and grass-type hails from the Unova region where it is best known for changing its coat to match the seasons. Fortunately for shiny collectors, this palette swap follows through to its shiny form.

Shiny Deerling has very few differences from its usual color scheme. In every form, it carries sunny yellow accents and trim along its belly. This turns to a pale pink when shiny.

Deerling has a CP ceiling of 1135. Its attack stat is 115, defense is 100, stamina is 155, and hitpoint total is 110. The best moveset for Deerling contains the quick move Tackle and the charged move Seed Bomb.

Deerling's PokeDex number is 584. Trainers will usually look to this Pokemon to mark the changing of the seasons—hence its moniker as the "Season Pokemon." It evolves into Sawsbuck with the use of 50 candies. Autumn Sawsbuck carries bright cherry and maroon leaves cascading down from its antlers.