Shiny Drifloon Odds Pokemon GO: What Are They?

Shiny Drifloon Odds Pokemon GO: How to find a shiny Drifloon
Shiny Drifloon Odds Pokemon GO: How to find a shiny Drifloon / Niantic Labs

Shiny Drifloon odds Pokemon GO have come to light after the Pokemon GO Catch Mastery event.

Niantic Labs recently implemented an all new type of event into the Pokemon GO Halloween 2020 festivities. Catch Mastery: Ghost featured Drifloon alongside a few other popular ghost-types with an increased spawn rate. Participants were tasked with catching them to increase their Ghost Mastery badge on their trainer profile. The true excitement was unveiled, however, when trainers learned that Drifloon's appearance would come with a shiny chance.

Shiny Drifloon Odds Pokemon GO

The base chance for finding a shiny in Pokemon GO is ~450:1, according to trainers. This means that for every near 450 Pokemon encountered, at least one should be shiny—a 0.22% chance per every Drifloon found.

This is monumentally better than in the mainstream games, however. Before Pokemon X and Y, the odds of finding a shiny were 8192:1—0.01% chance per Pokemon encounter. This was halved after X and Y's release to 4096:1 or 0.02%.

With event featured Pokemon, however, the odds do artificially increase a bit. That is to say: the chances do not go up, but the rate at which the specific Pokemon is encountered does. The more Drifloons that float across a trainers' screen often translates to a higher opportunity for one to be shiny.

Shiny Drifloons are bright yellow with cyan accents. The white puff on the top of their heads remains the same.