Shiny Gible Pokemon GO: How to Catch the Pokemon

Gible is one of the new shiny Pokemon Available during All Scrambled Up.
Gible is one of the new shiny Pokemon Available during All Scrambled Up. / Image Courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Shiny Gible in Pokemon GO is one of the new features of this months All Scrambled Up event, even though Niantic did leave it out of the initial event report.

Here's everything you need to know about Shiny Gible in Pokemon GO.

Shiny Gible Pokemon GO

Since the Tuesday release of Shiny Gible, and its omission from the official Niantic report, there are a few points of confusion that appear to need some clearing up. First, shiny Gible was not released too early by accident as some initially suspected.

Niantic did officially acknowledge Shiny Gible on its Twitter earlier. Additionally, unlike previous shiny introductions, spawn rates for Gible, both shiny and normal, will not be increased.

Gible is an excellent addition to any up and coming trainers collection, as its eventual evolution into Garchamp will provide a powerful addition to any Gym or Raid-faring team. Although, the lack of increased spawns may prove frustrating for many players trying to add a Gible, shiny or otherwise, to their collection, as the Pokemon is already extremely tedious to capture.

Aside from a very low spawn rate, Gible is only available for hatching from 10 km eggs. Be prepared for a long hunt if shiny Gible is your ultimate goal.