Shiny Goggles Pokemon Go purports to be a new item for the game that allows players to see shiny Pokémon once a day. These goggles would make catching shiny Pokémon trivially easy, rather than a rare occurrence mostly reserved for special events in the game. But are they real?

Shiny Goggles Pokemon Go: Is it Fake?

An image of Shiny Goggles in the Pokémon Go store has been circulating online that shows them as available for purchase for 2,500 coins. The image includes a description of the goggles that claims they are only available to players who have caught all the Pokémon available across any two regions.

The description also says the goggles can be used once a day to reveal the location of a single nearby shiny Pokémon.

The image is a fake. Shiny Goggles are not available for purchase anywhere, to anyone, in Pokémon Go, as they would undercut the allure of shiny Pokémon as rare and special occasions.

Photo courtesy of Niantic/The Pokémon Company