Shiny Krabby Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Krabby Pokemon GO: How to Catch
Shiny Krabby Pokemon GO: How to Catch / Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company

Shiny Krabby in Pokemon GO was seen Sunday in accordance with the water/dark-type Incense Day event.

Krabby is mostly known as that one Pokemon Ash Ketchum couldn't get enough of. Alongside Tauros from the Safari Zone, Ash tended to have a soft spot for Krabby despite its small stature. Who could resist that face?

As a water-type, Krabby had an increased spawn rate during the water-type hours of yesterday's Incense Day event. It joined the likes of Marill, Horsea, and Magikarp every other hour with the goal of collecting star dust and candies by every encounter. Every veteran trainer knows that more encounters means a higher chance at a shiny.

Shiny Krabby Pokemon GO: How to Catch

The best way to catch a shiny version of any Pokemon is to participate in an event where they've been featured. Yesterday could have worked for Krabby. While it wasn't the premiere Pokemon
—that honor belonged to Carvanha—it was definitely one of the more common being reported. Having a game-induced spawn increase is a surefire way to secure that alternate palette.

Events aside, your next option would be to search out where Krabby are the most common. Its a pure water-type, so you'll likely have the best chance to spot them near bodies of water or in the rain. You shouldn't have any issues spotting it with its bright orange color scheme.

Krabby also tend to hatch from 2 km eggs.

Shiny Krabby features a yellow-gold color palette where it would normally be a sunny orange. It evolves into Kingler with the use of 50 candies.