Shiny Lapras in Pokemon Go: How to Catch

Shiny Lapras in Pokemon Go is among the most rare Pokémon in the game. Unlike most of the Pokémon, shiny or otherwise, in Pokémon Go, shiny Lapras can only be caught in one location. Here's how to catch one.

Shiny Lapras in Pokemon Go: How to Catch

Pokémon Go is hosting its first Safari event. In the Pokémon universe, safaris are special expeditions where Pokémon that are available nowhere else could be caught. That scheme holds true for Pokémon Go's version of the event.

The safari, taking place in Singapore, is the only place in the world where shiny Laprases can be caught. The same is true for shiny Shuckles.

Players who want to catch either Pokémon will need to have purchased a ticket to the safari event and attend before it closes April 22.

A few players outside of the safari zone caught shiny shuckles before the event began through a glitch, but that glitch has since been resolved.

Photo courtesy of Niantic/The Pokémon Company