Shiny Lotad Pokemon GO: How To Catch

Shiny Lotad is Coming to Pokemon GO
Shiny Lotad is Coming to Pokemon GO / Photo by Pokemon Company International

Shiny Lotad has arrived in Pokemon GO for the first week of Mega September, the month long event celebrating the launch of Mega Evolution. The shiny form of its version exclusive counterpart Seedot was added to the game in May so it was really only a matter of time before shiny Lotad was added as well.

Starting Sept. 1 shiny Lotad will be available in the wild.

Shiny Lotad Pokemon GO: How To Catch

Shiny Lotad can be differentiated from its standard counterpart by its dark red and turquoise color pallet with a red body and turquoise lily pad.

Its evolved form, Lombre, continues the turquoise theme in its lily pad but its body is green. Its final form, Ludicolo, also has a turquoise lily pad hat and highlights but its body is yellow. Between Sept. 1-7 there will be increased spawns of Lotad in the wild, giving players the perfect opportunity to grind for a shiny.

Lotad also appears more often in sunny and rainy weather thanks to its Water/Grass typing, so don't be afraid to get a little wet if you want to add the Pokemon to your collection. Try to find Lotads in raids as well. Pokemon that appear in raids have a higher than normal chance of being shiny.