Shiny Pidgey Pokémon Go Guide: How to Find, Catch and Counter

Learn how to find and catch a Shiny Pidgey in Pokémon Go with our guide.
Learn how to find and catch a Shiny Pidgey in Pokémon Go with our guide. / Photo by The Pokémon Company

Shiny Pidgey Pokémon Go guide will show you everything you need to know to find, catch and battle with Shiny Pidgey or its evolved forms.

Shiny Pidgey Guide Pokémon Go Rarity

Finding a Shiny Pidgey is a test of perseverance. Only about one in 450 encounters will lead to a Shiny without some event boosting that rate, but luckily Pidgey is one of the most common Pokémon in the game. To maximize your ability to find a Shiny Pidgey, wait until it has an increased spawn during events like the Kanto Throwback.

A Shiny Pidgey is mustard-yellow instead of the normal red-brown. The same goes for Pidgeotto and Pidgeot. Once you've encountered a Shiny Pidgey, there will be a sparkle over the Pokémon's model to show that it's special.

Shiny Pidgey Guide Pokémon Go: How to Catch

Shiny Pokémon don't appear as Shiny in the overworld. The only way to know if the Pidgey on your screen is Shiny is to get to the encounter screen. Pidgey's evolved forms Pidgeotto and Pidgeot are also relatively common, so be sure to check those encounters to find a Shiny as well.

Besides appearances, Shiny Pokémon often do not differ from their normal counterparts in abilities or stats. Because Pidgey is a common Pokémon with a high catch rate, you won't have any issues catching the Pidgey once you've found one.

Shiny Pidgey Guide Pokémon Go Counters

What if you find yourself facing down a Shiny Pidgeot? The fully evolved form of Pidgey is a popular choice for early Pokémon Go players, as Pidgey are plentiful and Pidgeot offers some decent attack choices. It's not the best Flying attacker by any means, so it's relatively easy to counter. It's weak to Rock, Ice and Electric type attacks. Pidgeot can learn Steel Wing, a Steel type move that counters your own Rock and Ice Pokémon. Don't underestimate it, or you'll find yourself in a bad position.