Shiny Piplup Pokemon Go: How to Get

Niantic/Game Freak

Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Go can be caught! Added as part of 2020's first Pokemon Go Community Day, Piplup is a fan-favorite Pokemon and a darn cute one to boot. Read on below if you want to get your hands on the ultra-rare variant of this popular pocket monster.

Shiny Piplup Pokemon Go: What Is it?

Piplup first appeared as a part of the Diamond and Pearl generation, where its adorable looks and cute demeanor made it instantly likable in just about every sense of the word. Evolving from it's diminutive form to eventually become the magnificent Empoleon, there's more than one reason to want to find a Piplup for yourself. Now, the plucky penguin has made its way into Pokemon Go, and has been made the star of January's Community Day.

Be kind to me, I am shiny and small
Be kind to me, I am shiny and small / Niantic/ Game Freak

Shiny Piplup Pokemon Go: Community Day and How to Catch

What does starring in Community Day mean for Piplup? For starters, expect drastically increased spawns of the Pokemon, giving wily trainers plenty of opportunities to stack their Piplup candy up. Be sure to take advantage if you want to fast-track those evolutions. The event, which will run for about 3 hours on January 19th, will also feature the only chance to spawn a Shiny Piplup, with the spawn rates increased for the duration of the event as well. Additionally, any lure put up during the course of the event will last for 3 full hours. Take advantage of this time frame and get to snatching those tiny penguins up!

As an additional reward, any Piplup that is evolved all the way to an Empoleon by up to two hours after the conclusion of the event will learn a special event-exclusive move!