Shiny Rhyperior Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Rhyhorn Community Day event from Pokemon GO
Rhyhorn Community Day event from Pokemon GO / Niantic Labs, Nintendo

Shiny Rhyperior Pokemon GO is a catch trainers won't want to miss out on. Rhydon, its pre-evolved form, was one of the strongest Pokemon in the game before the release of the Sinnoh generation. It only makes sense that Rhyperior would follow in its footsteps.

Trainers have recently turned their attention to this powerful Pokemon after the Community Day on Feb. 22 that featured Rhyhorn. Like many such events, players encountered Rhyhorn at a far more frequent rate, which meant that encountering a shiny was even more likely than ever before.

Shiny Rhyperior Pokemon GO: How to Catch

There's a few methods to catching a shiny Pokemon that exist in Pokemon GO. If you had the misfortune of missing the Community Day there are still a few ways to add a shiny Rhyperior to your rooster. Keep in mind that you'll probably need a Sinnoh stone to get to Rhyperior if you happen upon its pre-evolved forms, first.

The odds of finding a shiny Pokemon are around 1:450. Unfortunately, you won't know if your encounter is shiny until you tap it, which means being active in the game is the first way to find one.

The odds of finding a shiny Pokemon during an featured event like Community Day are 1:23-25 or 1:50. Same principle, but less effort.

Another way is investing your time hatching eggs. Rhyhorn comes from 5km eggs, so gathering and hatching them are another great bet.

Research Rewards and Breakthroughs are also now available for shiny Pokemon, as are raids, which can have a 1:19 chance of spawning a shiny variant of the Pokemon shown.

Ultimately, it's a matter of getting yourself out there and trying to catch 'em all.

Otherwise, your best bet is to ask a friend with a double or wait until the next Community Day to lay your claim to shiny Rhyperior.