Shiny Sentret Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Sentret Pokemon GO is part of the first week of Ultra Bonuses. The first week will feature Johto region Pokemon, giving you the chance to catch a Shiny Sentret or Gligar for the first time.

Shiny Sentret Pokemon GO

Catching a Shiny Sentret is pretty simple: just find one and go. Sentret is a pretty common spawn anyway, so you can just check every one you find. There is now just the possibility of encountering a Shiny Sentret, and it is unknown currently if the rate of a Shiny encounter has been increased or not.

Normal Sentret - Shiny Sentret
Normal Sentret - Shiny Sentret /

A Shiny Sentret is a soft gold color instead of the normal brown. The color of its stripes and ears will be a dark red or burgundy. Like all Shiny Pokemon, there will be a sparkle to denote if the one you've met is indeed a Shiny.

There are a variety of other bonuses as well, such as double incubator effectiveness for the duration of the Ultra Bonus and Raikou, Entei and Suicune returning to Raids. The event will run until Sept. 9, so you have until then to find Shiny Sentret.