Shiny Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go have become a common occurrence as Niantic continues to roll out new features for the next phase of Team Go Rocket's invasion into the game. How can a player find shiny Shadow Pokemon GO, and which Shadow Pokemon are more likely to be shiny?

Shiny Shadow Pokemon Pokemon GO

In order to capture Shadow Pokemon, players must first take down Team Rocket grunts at select Pokestops where the grunts have taken over. Look for the Pokestops with grunts standing around them on the map, and that have their logos turned black with a red R above them. After defeating the grunt, you will have a chance to catch the Shadow Pokemon, which will have a very slim chance of being a shiny. If you collect enough components to fight a Team Rocket boss, your chances of encountering a shiny Shadow Pokemon are greatly increased.

So far Meowth is the only Pokemon confirmed to be a possible shiny in it's Shadow form. There will likely be more, but dataminers and leakers have yet to determine whether or not a Pokemon's shininess in Shadow form is determined via an algorithm or pre-programmed into the game itself.

Image Courtesy the Pokemon Company