Shiny Sharpedo Pokemon GO: Use Incense Day to Your Advantage

Shiny Sharpedo Pokemon GO and How to Find It
Shiny Sharpedo Pokemon GO and How to Find It / Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company

Shiny Sharpedo in Pokemon GO may just become more common after yesterday's event.

Shiny Sharpedo and its pre-evolved form, Carvanha are both combination water/dark-types, making them the stars of Sunday's Incense Day event. The event, itself, featured alternating water and dark types every hour with Carvanha featured for the entire duration. Experienced trainers know what this means—increased encountering which translates to a better shiny chance.

Shiny Sharpedo Pokemon GO

There are a few ways to find shiny Sharpedo and add it to your team. The first of these, unsurprisingly, would have been to participate in Sunday's Incense Day event. Trainers were reporting shiny Carvanha in droves and were likely to find several evolutionary candidates.

The second option would be to take its type into account. Sharpedo is a dark/water-type which means it will be more likely to spawn at night, during the rain, and/or close to bodies of water. If you don't mind hanging around during a storm or sitting by the pier hitman style then Sharpedo may just be within your grasp.

Your third option, hatching, is easier said than done. Carvanha hatches from 5 km eggs. So, if this is the choice you're left with, you may want to get on it now while the special bonuses are still available through the end of May.

Cavanha evolves into Sharpedo with the use of 50 candies.

Sharpedo has a CP ceiling of 2181, an attack stat of 243, defense of 83, and stamina of 172. Clearly, it's a bit of a glass cannon. Its best moveset is Bite combined with Hydro Pump. Shiny Sharpedo features a predominantly purple palette with higher saturated markings.