Shiny Spiritomb Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Spiritomb Pokemon GO: The newest shiny addition to the game
Shiny Spiritomb Pokemon GO: The newest shiny addition to the game / Niantic Labs

Shiny Spiritomb Pokemon GO is here in accordance with the 2020 Halloween event. Spiritomb will be joined by the likes of the unique featured Pokemon from costumed Gengar to Galarian Yamask.

Niantic Labs has packed this event with more treats than tricks, according to its official event announcement. Several unique variants of ghost and dark-type Pokemon will be available for the duration of Pokemon GO's Halloween 2020 festivities. With twice the transfer and capture candy headed their way, here's hoping trainers have a perfectly splendid holiday.

Shiny Spiritomb Pokemon GO

Shiny Spiritomb will be encounterable in the wild alongside its non-shiny counterpart. As usual, the chance of a shiny encounter is ~400:1. However, due to this Pokemon's featured status, trainers will likely find it at an inflated rate—which may lead to more shiny variants, overall.

Spiritomb's shiny palette features a pale blue aura with bright magenta accents and facial features. The keystone it's bound to remains the same color. It will be available during the event from Oct. 23 to Nov. 3, 2020.

Trainers won't be able to tell a shiny encounter from a normal encounter until they tap the Pokemon on the overworld map. Its potential shiny variant coloring will only appear once it's brought in to be caught. Unsure trainers should look out for the sparkle special effect and symbol beside its tag.

Spiritomb is a ghost and dark-type that hails from the Sinnoh region. Its PokeDex number is 442. Also known as the "Forbidden Pokemon," this Pokemon is best known for containing 108 spirits inside its body. It was originally introduced into Pokemon GO alongside the 2018 Halloween event.