Shiny Tepig Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Tepig

Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Tepig
Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Tepig / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Pokemon GO's Shiny Tepig will be coming to the game during a Community Day event. Players can catch this Fire-type Pokemon while completing a Special Research story and earning Roasted Berries.

Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Tepig

Niantic announced that Pokemon GO's July Community Day event will begin on July 3 and last from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

The upcoming Community Day event will feature more Tepig encounters, which increases the chances of running into its Shiny form.

Tepig's Shiny form includes yellow fur with a pink nose. Tepig's best moves in Pokemon GO consist of Flamethrower, Flame Charge, and Body Slam.

Tepig can also evolve into Pignite with 25 Tepig Candy. Evolving PIgnite into Emboar requires 100 Tepig Candy.

Players will also be able to receive special rewards after capturing some pictures on Community Day. Pokemon GO fans can buy a Community Day Box for 1,280 PokeCoin, which consists of five Incense, five Star pieces, an Elite Charged TM, and 50 Ultra Balls.

There will also be an exclusive Special Research quest and Roasted Berries, which will be available on Community Day for $1.00 USD.

As for other bonuses on Community Day, players can also look forward to extra Catch Stardust, three-hour Incense activation, and three-hour activated Lure Modules.