Shiny Unown Pokemon GO: Best Way to Catch Shiny During Enigma Week

Shiny Unown are coming to Pokemon GO
Shiny Unown are coming to Pokemon GO / Pokemon Company International

Shiny Unown in Pokemon GO are largely relegated to special events and one of them, Enigma Week is starting Friday, Aug. 7. During Enigma week, space and conspiracy related Psychic types will be more common, including Unown. Unown U, L, T, R, and A will also show up in raids.

Shiny Unown Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Players will have to rely on random encounters to some extent to catch shiny Unown, but the most sure-fire way to catch a shiny is to focus on raids. Raid Pokemon have a 1 in 20 chance to be shiny, much higher than normal encounters. So your best bet will be to run around to as many gyms as possible during enigma week to see if you can find a shiny.

Unown will be appearing in two-star raids so focus on those. Unown's shiny form can be differentiated from its standard form by its blue color pallet.