Shiny Virizion Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Virizion in Pokemon GO is as easy to catch as you'd imagine
Shiny Virizion in Pokemon GO is as easy to catch as you'd imagine / The Pokémon Company

Shiny Virizion in Pokemon GO is now available to players from the comfort of their own home.

Niantic Labs has launched a brand new event in the spirit of social distancing this week: Remote Raid. Trainers can now claim a Remote Raid Pass and enter their nearby raids from the safety of their couch. The item was introduced yesterday to the excitement of fans everywhere along with an headlining announcement. Darkrai, Altered Forme Giratina, and Virizion will be featured through the middle of May—with a shiny chance for all.

Shiny Virizion Pokemon GO

Virizion will appear in raids from 4 p.m. ET May 12 until 4 p.m. ET May 19.

Catching a shiny Virizion is mostly up to chance. Some trainers have reported success finding shiny featured Pokemon at a higher rate, but Niantic has yet to confirm there's any truth to this. Your best bet is to try and involve yourself in as many raids as you can and don't waste your berries when the encounter comes.

Currently, Virizion has a CP ceiling of about 3,00, an attack stat of 192, a defense stat of 229, and a stamina stat of 209. Its best move set is Quick Attack or Zen Headbutt as a quick move and Leaf Blade as a charged move.

Virizion Counters Pokemon GO

Virizion is a legendary grass and fighting type introduced in Generation V. It made its first appearance in Black and White and was introduced into Pokemon GO via a raid event on Dec. 17 of last year. It is one of the four "Swords of Justice."

It is primarily green—as a grass type—with pink and gray accents on various parts of its body. Its shiny palette is the opposite, swapping green for pink. The gray markings stay the same. You'll likely know it when you see it.