Shiny Yanma Pokémon GO: How to Catch

"If you’re lucky, you might find a Shiny Yanma!"
"If you’re lucky, you might find a Shiny Yanma!" / Photo courtesy of Niantic

The Shiny Yanma in Pokémon GO is one that many trainers have their sights set on catching at the moment thanks to the brand new Summer Solstice event.

"To celebrate the days getting longer in one hemisphere and the nights following suit in the other, Pokémon GO’s solstice-themed event has returned. Depending on which hemisphere of the world trainers are playing in, they’ll be able to encounter and catch different Pokémon during the event."

Shiny Yanma has been catchable for a while, but now it will be easier during the event.

Shiny Yanma Pokémon GO: How to Catch

As mentioned above, the specific Pokémon that trainers will be able to catch depends on what hemisphere they're located in.

At the moment, Shiny Yanmas can only encountered in the wild by trainers in the northern hemisphere, along with Chimchar, Summer Form Deerling and more.

On the other hand, trainers in the southern hemisphere will have the opportunity to encounter Pokémon such as Snorunt, Snover, Winter Form Deerling.

Globally, all trainers will be able to encounter Lunatone, Solrock, Spheal and more in the wild.

Of course, actually finding a Shiny Yanma will take a lot of patience and luck, but at least trainers will now know if they have a chance in the first place.

The Summer Solstice event ends Sunday, June 20 at 8 p.m. local time.

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