ShivFPS Furiously Rants about Apex Legends' Knockdown Shields

Knockdown shields were the subject of an intense ShivFPS rant.
Knockdown shields were the subject of an intense ShivFPS rant. / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Global Series is a weekly tournament that pits the most competitive players against each other and puts the highest level of gameplay on display. In the sixth online tournament of the stage, Gambit Esports found themselves in a very tough spot, almost entirely because of legendary knockdown shields.

It was late in the game and the already small circle was closing, Gambit—already in the middle of a close-ranged fight—was sandwiched by teams descending on them from the North and pinching inwards from the East.

Konstantin "Hardecki" Kozlov buckled down and fought out of a 1-vs-3 situation with both of his teammates downed. He had to heal up, revive his teammates, and finish off the downed enemies. He healed himself and goes to down the enemies only to be met with gold shields and his downed enemies lying next to each other creating an impenetrable gold wall.

Hardecki posted the below clip on his Twitter.

Hardecki had to waste a tremendous amount of time trying to find the right angle to finish enemies. He can't leave them alone because they all have self-revive.

ShivFPS Knockdown Shield Rant

The Twitch clip below from ShivFPS's stream shows his reaction to the event and his response is really angered. He quickly shouts about how knockdown shields are ruining the game and self-resurrection is destructive to competitive play.

Members of the Apex Legends community also believe that these gold legendary shields are too strong with how much defense they provide and the threat of self-reviving. It consistently makes it difficult for players who have won fights to completely win them because knockdown shields provide another layer of defense that the community finds is not necessary.