Shroud Believes the VK-47 Flatline Needs a Buff

Shroud has a video where he dominated in Apex Legends using the VK-47 and he titled it "THE BEST GUN IN APEX."

While it's up to discussion on which weapon is the best in Apex Legends, there is no doubt that VK-47 found new life in Season 2. The game received some buffs and quickly became a popular gun for many. Despite his dominance, shroud has some ideas on how to buff the weapon.

Here is what shroud expressed during his video, “Dude, what? Speed up the fucking bullet travel on the Flatline, please! They need to increase the bullet speed of this thing for sure. Noticing it now when it compares to other weapons. I think that’s the last touch up it needs.” 

This happened after a particular gun fight in which shroud was shocked his bullets weren't connecting and blamed the bullet speed.

This may be a realistic change as weapon damage, recoil, or bullet spread can be difficult to balance, but the speed of the projectile seems feasible.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment