Twitch streamer Guy "DrDisRespect" Beahm got himself into some hot water during E3 when his stream took a turn into the wrong room. A bathroom, that is.

DrDisRespect was in the middle of his first IRL (in real life) stream at the gaming expo when his camera man followed him into a public bathroom at the convention center. The interaction caused DrDisRespect to be banned from Twitch.

The conversation that followed incited discussion among other top streamers. One of which was Michael "shroud" Grzesiek who gave his opinion on the situation.

"Is it a mistake if you do it four times? No. The first time, I can somewhat let it slide. Three times after that, there's nothing you can say. It's just a RIP," shroud said on his stream playing Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter.

DrDisRespect hasn't commented on his ban yet, though he did release a YouTube video recapping his time at E3. Some footage from the bathroom is shown at the end.

As of writing, DrDisRespect's Twitch channel is still banned. Shroud believes the Doc will be unbanned, but time will tell what repercussions are handed down.

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