Shroud Exposes Wallhack Glitch in Valorant

Shroud exposes wallhack glitch in Valorant
Shroud exposes wallhack glitch in Valorant / Riot Games

During his most recent Valorant stream, prolific Twitch personality and former CS: GO pro player Michael "shroud" Grzesiek uncovered a potentially game-breaking glitch in the game. The glitch appeared during the final minute of a round in a 1-v-1 scenario. The opponent's character icon suddenly appears on the minimap, giving away their positioning.

Shroud Exposes Wallhack Glitch in Valorant

This "wallhack" glitch discovered by shroud is appropriately named because it essentially allows a player to see through walls with the help of the minimap. If a player has "the bug" as shroud calls it, they can track their opponent's every move in order to ambush or avoid them. With the glitch in play, it gives any agent an enhanced version of Cypher's Spycam ability.

As seen in the clip above, the glitch allows shroud to monitor his opponent's every move in advance so that he can prepare accordingly. He relays to the chat about his opponent's actions before he can even see them. He then sneaks behind them and toys with them using Yoru's Dimensional Drift to turn invisible and wait out the round timer, never being seen.

Shroud goes on to explain that he has had other encounters with the glitch since Valorant's Patch 2.02 update. The concern is that if shroud has encountered it several times then it is surely affecting other players as well. Thankfully due to shroud's massive popularity, the glitch will now be brought to the attention of developer Riot Games.

This wallhack glitch will surely be addressed in Valorant Patch 2.03, which can now be expected sooner rather than later.