Apex Legends

Shroud Gives His Opinion on Tap-Strafing

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Shroud, one of the worlds' most popular streamers, has started playing a lot of Apex Legends recently, as has many top FPS game streamers. Recently, the team behind Apex, Respawn Entertainment, decided to remove a common movement strategy in the game. This mechanic, called tap strafing, gives PC players an advantage over those on the console, and many were happy to see it gone. There were also those in favor of it, however, and Shroud stands somewhere in the middle.

Tap strafing allows for a player on PC to turn quickly without losing any momentum they had built. This allows for more fluid movement and gunplay. Controller players have no way to replicate this mechanic on the console, however, and due to the lack of a counter to this mechanic, Respawn decided to remove it.

Shroud was on stream Friday talking about this issue, where he stated that he believed it was a good change to see it removed. He also went on to say, however, that he believed the movement as a whole in the game should be overhauled, allowing for all player's movement to look more similar to the fluidity tap strafing can bring.

Whether or not Apex will make any large-scale changes like this remains to be seen, and if they choose to it will be in the far future, but something such as a movement overhaul is something interesting to think about. For now, PC players will have to live with losing one of the advantages they had over those on the controller. That is until the next movement mechanic is found and abused just like tap strafing was.