Shroud Returns to Twitch Following Mixer Shut Down

Shroud announced his return to Twitch on Tuesday.
Shroud announced his return to Twitch on Tuesday. | Courtesy of shroud

Live streaming superstar Michael "shroud" Grzesiek will return to streaming on Twitch, he and the platform announced Tuesday. Twitch confirmed an exclusivity deal had been signed between the parties, but declined to share information about dollar value or length.

"There’s nothing better than a homecoming, so we’re thrilled to welcome Shroud and his incredible community back to Twitch," said senior vice president of content Michael Aragon in a statement. "Our mission is to bring people together every day, and we look forward to seeing the FPS legend back in action, exclusively on Twitch."

Shroud Returns to Twitch

Shroud began his streaming career on Twitch, but he left the platform in October for an exclusive streaming deal with Microsoft-backed competitor Mixer. Terms of that deal were not made public, but shroud boasted around 7 million followers on Twitch at the time of the signing.

Microsoft unceremoniously shuttered Mixer's doors in July, leaving shroud — and other high profile converts such as Tyler "Ninja" Blevins — without a clear streaming home. Twitch and the Google-backed YouTube Gaming appeared to be the only game in town, leading many to wonder where shroud would end up.

The announcement comes days after Guy "DrDisrespect" Beahm returned to streaming on YouTube after he was mysteriously banned from Twitch. Ninja, the last of the three to return to streaming, has yet to land at either platform.