Shroud's 5 Best PUBG Moments

Doritos Bowl At TwitchCon 2018
Doritos Bowl At TwitchCon 2018 /

Michael "shroud" Grzesiek is one of the most popular and talented Twitch streamers.

A former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional for Cloud9, shroud retired and grew into his own on the streaming platform. Primarily streaming battle royale titles such as PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Fortnite and Apex Legends, shroud is no newcomer when it comes to creating highlight moments.

Here are five amazing shroud moments in PUBG.

Shroud's 5 Best PUBG Moments

5. Wiping the Entire Lobby at Hacienda

Shroud's dropped Hacienda Del Patron in a squads game with ChocoTaco and iamswagger only to be greeted by nearly the entire lobby.

What proceeded to follow was an absolute masterclass from shroud.

4. Taking Over School Solo

Dropping school is a near deathtrap. Doing it in solo squads is a different story. Shroud had no problem racking up nine kills in a solo squads game at the area, walking out unscathed.

3. Shroud + DrDisRespect = Comedy

This hilarious game on Sanhok featuring shroud and the two-time DrDisrespect had fans crying with laughter at the end.

2. The Metal Gear Solid Chase

Yes, this entire video has hilarious moments. But the opening clip takes the cake. Shroud chases down an enemy while Metal Gear Solid music plays in the background.

1. A 34 Kill Mopping

Shroud showed just how many kills he could muster in a duos game with Just9n. It came down to a 1-vs-2 scenario in the final zone which saw shroud clutch up and end with 34 kills.

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