Shroud Shares His Thoughts on Valorant 'Overtaking' CS:GO

Shroud believes Valorant has a chance with overtaking CS:GO.
Shroud believes Valorant has a chance with overtaking CS:GO. / Photo courtesy of Shroud

As soon as Riot Games revealed Valorant as Project A, fans from every FPS genre clamored to gain access. It was quickly the hottest game on Twitch, and comparisons to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive started. And for good reasons, as the creators of Valorant consist of former developers and competitive players of Counter-Strike.

The game is built as a competitor of CS:GO with similarities in economy, menus, play style, gun recoil and spray patterns, and bomb objective; the list goes on and on.

And as the days went on, the topic of whether it would "kill" or "overtake" CS:GO started. While it's clear to many that CS:GO isn't going anywhere, Valorant will have its own place in the market.

When asked a similar question on Mixer, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek shared his feelings on the matter.

"Erm, probably. I just think because its a much easier game to get into, much more pleasing to the eye, like a little bit more casual. Counter-Strike is a little bit more hardcore – a little bit more, but, you never know. With the Source 2 stuff that they plan to do, maybe it’ll be insane, who knows."

It's clear that Valorant is a slightly more casual version of CS:GO which fits the model. Despite League of Legends having a high-skill ceiling, the game is much more casual than Dota 2, Valve's MOBA.

Valorant could easily fit in that niche, finding a higher player base and a successful esports scene at the same time. But CS:GO will still have the viewership and numbers. Unless Valve refuses to adapt, which they already have been over the past few weeks, CS:GO and Valorant will rival one another for years to come.