Shroud Valorant Rank: What is His Rank?

Shroud Valorant rank is Diamond 3.
Shroud Valorant rank is Diamond 3. / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games/Shroud

Shroud's Valorant rank is Diamond 3. To earn a rank in Valorant, players must complete five games in ranked. For Shroud, he won three games and lost two, which placed him in Diamond, the third-highest rank in Riot Games' latest FPS title.

Shroud Valorant Rank: What is His Rank?

Unlike CSGO's system, Valorant supposedly takes higher priority over individual performance as opposed to wins and losses. There are eight ranks in Valorant and feature Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant divisions. Unless you come from a professional FPS background like Shroud, there is a high probability you will get placed in Iron, Bronze, or Silver regardless of how well you do.

The rank system was released April 30 to North America but has already encountered its fair share of problems. For example, the rank system appears to be very sensitive to wins and losses following your placement. There have been lots of reports of poor placements despite great finishes and strong individual performances. Players have also run into their fair share of cheaters despite Riot Games' anti-cheat software, which appears not to be working at the moment.

Following Shroud's tweet about earning a Diamond 3 rank, players have taken to Twitter to call out the unfairness of the rank system, including one user who claimed to have beat Shroud and ranked lower than him. Others have stated that his high rank comes from his connections to Riot Games. Regardless, like every game in its beta stages, Valorant has a ways to go before it's up and running to its highest potential. The community just needs to give it time.