Shut Down Power to Radar Dishes: How to Complete Weekly Challenge

Photo by Epic Games

Shutting down power to radar dishes is one of the last challenges to complete before Fortnite season seven ends. There are still some weekly challenges players can finish up to make sure they receive every award possible for this season. Here is how to complete this weekly challenge.

To complete this quest, players must shut down two different radar dishes. This can be done throughout multiple games in case you die after only getting to one. There are seven IO bases spread out across the map for you to complete this mission at, but each base only has one radar dish. This means you'll have to make it to at least two different ones.

Completing this quest should not prove to be that difficult since it is doable across more than one game. Go to any IO base and find the large radar dish located at the base. At the base, a blue light should be signaling for you to go up and interact with it. Doing so should shut down the radar dish.

Operation: Sky Fire is coming soon to bring an end to the Fortnite world as we currently know it. Completing the radar dishes challenge will need to be done before this mission begins!