Sierra Pokemon GO November 2020: How to Beat

Sierra's Pokemon GO November 2020 team has fleshed out with new choices, requiring trainers to pick a few new counters
Sierra's Pokemon GO November 2020 team has fleshed out with new choices, requiring trainers to pick a few new counters / Niantic Labs

Sierra's Pokemon GO November 2020 team has fleshed out with new choices, requiring trainers to pick a few new counters.

Niantic Labs' Team GO Rocket Executives never cease to cause havoc for unsuspecting trainers. Sierra, in particular, seems to give them trouble, with an ever-shifting team under the Rocket spotlight. Below, we've outline which Pokemon she'll use and exactly how to take them down.

Sierra Pokemon GO November 2020

Sierra was most recently featured in the Strange Eggs event where Team GO Rocket was attempting to capture and hatch mysterious eggs. Her latest lineup includes the psychic-type, Drowzee, and her usual standbys of Shiftry and Exeggutor.

Her first Pokemon will always be Drowzee. From there, she has a three-choice pool to pick from which includes Sharpedo, Exeggutor, and Lapras as her second Pokemon. The third Pokemon in her team will be Houndoom, Alakazam, or Shiftry.

First Choice

As a first form pure psychic-type, Drowzee should go down quickly. It's weak against bug, dark, and ghost-types, meaning the best counters would be Gengar, Chandelure, or Darkrai. The best movesets for these Pokemon include the quick moves Lick, Shadow Claw, and Snarl, as well as the charged moves Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse.

Second Choice

Sharpedo is a water and dark-type, weak to a variety of types including fairy, bug, electric, grass, and fighting. The best counter choice would likely be Machamp, Sirfetch'd, or Raikou. Best movesets include the quick moves Counter, Karate Chop, or Volt Switch, as well as the charged moves Dynamic Punch and Wild Charge.

Exeggutor is a grass and psychic-type, meaning it's weak to fire, ice, flying, poison, dark, and ghost-types—with a double weakness against bug-types. The most effective counter choice here would be Volcarona or Genesect in Shock form. The best movesets for both include the quick moves Bug Bite and Fury Cutter, and the charged moves Bug Buzz and X-Scissor.

However, you could probably get away with Gengar if it hasn't already been eliminated.

Lapras is a water and ice-type, which is weak to electric, fighting, rock, and grass-types. Effective counter choices include Lucario, Rampardos, and Zekrom. Trainers will find the best success with movesets containing the quick moves Counter, Charge Beam, and Smack Down while paired with the charged moves, Aura Sphere, Wild Charge, and Rock Slide.

Third Choice

Houndoom is a dark and fire-type, weak against fighting, rock, ground, and water-types. Trainers should find success in picking Lucario, Rampardos, or Kingler. Effective movesets contain the quick moves Counter, Smack Down, and Bubble while paired with the charged moves Aura Sphere, Rock Slide, and Crabhammer, respectively.

Clearly, Lucario and Rampardos are worth an investment. Shields would be most valuable protecting this choice.

Alakazam is another pure psychic-type, also weak to bug, dark, and ghost-types. It has similar counters to Drowzee in this regard—though it may be harder to take down.

Shiftry is a grass and dark type, weak against fairy, ice, fighting, fire, poison, and flying—with a double weakness to bug-types. The best counter choices here include, again, Volcarona and Genesect in its Shock form with the same moveset suggestions.


Trainers will have the most success against Sierra with these Pokemon:

  • Gengar—Lick/Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Darkrai—Snarl and Shadow Ball
  • Lucario—Counter and Aura Sphere
  • Rampardos—Smack Down and Rockslide
  • Volcarona—Bug Bite and Bug Buzz