Sifu Release Date Information

Photo by Sloclap

Sifu's release date is a hot topic after Sony's State of Play Thursday, and with good reason. With plenty of style, combined with martial arts action, fans across the PlayStation community are thrilled. So when can players get their hands on Sifu, and become a kung fu master? Here's what we know about Sifu's release date, when it releases on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Sifu Release Date Information

The newest gameplay trailer for Sifu states that the game is slated to release in early 2022. Early 2022 isn't exactly a precise window, but a firm release date will be announced as the release window grows closer. While 2022 isn't that far away, it is a noteworthy change from the game's previous trailers. The game's reveal trailer, from this past February, presented a release window for 2021. A delay like this seems innocuous, especially with such a minor change in release dates. Even if they might not get it as soon as they'd like, most gamers would prefer a finished product that they can enjoy fully.

A 3D brawler, Sifu's gameplay trailer showed off its varied combat, allowing players to live out their childhood Bruce Lee dreams. The game's unique mechanic, in which the player returns older and stronger after each death, garnered interest from fans as well. With any discipline, training and practice are important, and Sifu suggests that the best practice comes from experience.

There's plenty of other games coming out in 2021 too, like the battle royale Hunter's Arena: Legends, the video game adaptation of the hit anime Demon Slayer, and the survival action Tribes of Midgard.