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Sifu to Get Easy Mode Next Week, Seasonal Content Updates

Image courtesy of Sloclap

Sloclap have revealed the 2022 content roadmap for Sifu, with a number of new features planned for the rest of the year.

Sifu, the challenging beat 'em up game from Sloclap, gave players a unique spin on the classic action game genre. Death is all part of the process where, upon defeat, the protagonist is magically resurrected only to have aged several years. The aging character comes with its own pros and cons; while their strikes are more powerful, health is diminished. Get too old, and the next death will be your last.

A number of free content updates are set to arrive in Sifu over the course of 2022, such as new difficuly modes. In Spring, players can expect three new difficulty options: Student, Disciple, and Master. Those finding Sifu a little bit too challenging will be able to select the more gentle 'Student' mode. The Spring offerings will be available from next week, on May 3.

In Summer, players will spot some new advanced scoring features and gameplay modifiers. These could include all unlocked skills, one health point runs, stronger enemies, and more. In addition, players can look forward to some new outfits.

Fall is set to bring in a new replay editor, plus new outfits and modifiers.

And as for Winter, a new game mode called 'Arenas' will be making an appearance alongside even more outfits and modifiers. At the time of writing it's unclear what Arenas mode will entail, though more information will likely be revealed as we move closer to the season.

These new updates will add a bit more replayability for Sifu fans, and new challenges.

Sifu is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC.