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Sigma Enters Overwatch Patch 1.39

Sigma arrived in Overwatch Patch 1.39, released Tuesday
Sigma arrived in Overwatch Patch 1.39, released Tuesday

Sigma landed in Overwatch on Tuesday as one of the headlining changes in Overwatch Patch

Sigma was a scientist who studied physics before an experiment gone wrong damaged his brain and gave him the power to control gravity. Talon now manipulates him, deploying him as a living weapon against Overwatch.

Sigma is the first Talon-affiliated tank to arrive in Overwatch. His basic attack fires short range Hyperspheres that bounce off walls and implode after a short duration. Experimental Barrier projects a floating shield that he can halt at any point and redeploy at will.

Kinetic Grasp freezes incoming projectiles in the air and converts them into shields, and Accretion gathers debris and launches it at opponents.

Sigma's ultimate, Gravitic Flux, sends him flying into the air as he lifts enemies in a targeted area before slamming them into the ground.

Blizzard revealed Sigma as Hero 31 on July 22.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard