Sigma Overwatch Abilities: Everything You Need to Know

Sigma Overwatch abilities are highly sought after, but nothing has been confirmed by Blizzard as of yet. Only speculation and hints so far, but some in the Overwatch community have come up with some crazy theories.

We only know the name could be Sigma because of an apparent leak by the Overwatch World Cup Mexico team Twitter account.

Sigma Overwatch Abilities: Everything You Need to Know

According to a Overwatch subreddit post, user ztokdo has a few different theories on three different abilities. One would be a Grenade that lands, stays in position and “curves bullets, projectiles, and abilities around it.” Another would be an anti-gravity beam that could grab on to objects or even enemy heroes.

For the ultimate, ztokdo believes that Sigma will have a protective ultimate of sorts that “pulls in all projectiles shots and abilities and uses that to buff teammates.”

On Monday, Blizzard released a glimpse into Sigma's past and backstory without revealing his actual abilities. Just from the footage, the speculation seems to be on point.

UPDATE July 23 1:30 p.m. ET

Blizzard partnered with Seagull and allowed him to play Sigma before he was released an hour later on the PTR. We were able to see Sigma's full abilities.

Role: Tank, primary - shield, 3 star difficulty

Health: 400 (300 normal, 100 shield)

Left Click - Deflecting Orbs (60 damage on direct hit including explosion), unlimited ammo, fires in rounds of two and bounces off surfaces / explodes on impact or after set distance. No reloading.

Right Click - Experimental Shield - throwable shield similar to Symmetra’s old shield. Hold right click to throw in a line and let go to place. Can also throw vertically to block things like Pharah rockets. Click again to recall. 1,500 health that recharges when recalled similar to Reinhardt or when broken.

L Ability - Accretion Disc - Launches an orb of matter on a 6-7 second cooldown. Does damage at close range and knock back/knock down at long range.

Shift Ability - Create a personal barrier that absorbs bullets and converts them to shields when consumed.

Ultimate - Anti-Gravity Slam - Sigma launches into the air and can create an AOE field on the ground. Enemies in the field will launch into the air and are vulnerable. If still in the area after 2 seconds they plummet to the ground for 50% damage to their health.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard