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Sigma Overwatch: Everything You Need to Know

Sigma Overwatch might just be the game's next hero. Here is everything you need to know about him.

Sigma Overwatch: Everything You Need to Know

Shortly after Thursday's role queue announcement, the Overwatch World Cup Twitter account for Team Mexico posted a tweet with pictures of "Temp Art" to showcase what the new system would look like. One of the images showcased a career profile, with an unknown hero called Sigma as the player's most played character.

It is odd that an Overwatch World Cup team would have information to leak something like a new hero release, especially because little information has actually been given regarding Hero 31. In a previous developer update discussing the summer schedule for Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan did emphasize that Hero 31 would be a male. In the player profile, Sigma does appear to be an older man.

Kaplan later appeared on the stream of former pro player Brandon "Seagull" Larned to discuss role queue and the future of Overwatch. Several members of Seagull's chat asked the question "Who is Sigma?" to which Kaplan responded "That's a good question."

While the image shown on the Twitter post was a mockup, it is entirely possible that Sigma is Overwatch Hero 31. But for now, we will have to wait for an announcement from Blizzard before getting ahead of ourselves.

Photo Courtesy of OWWC Team Mexico