Sigma's Barrier Can Clear Wrecking Ball Mines

Being the newest addition to Overwatch, Sigma has lots of unexplored potential in terms of his gameplay. Each day since his release on the PTR, more players have been discovering unique ways to deal with enemy heroes. Players have also been finding more creative uses for his abilities.

Recently, a Reddit user by the name of RollTimeCC posted on the main Overwatch subreddit, with a video showcasing a creative way to use Sigma's Experimental Barrier. In the video, Sigma used his Experimental Barrier to clear some leftover mines that were created by an enemy Wrecking Ball.

What is important to note from this video, however, was that this was not an entire minefield. Wrecking Ball can spawn a total of 15 mines, with each mine dealing 130 damage. Since Sigma's Barrier has a total of 1500 health, this means that Sigma can only block 12 mines before it gets destroyed. However, in the middle of a firefight, this could prove to be a useful strategy when dealing with an enemy Wrecking Ball who is diving into your team.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

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