Simple Apex Legends Trick Speeds up Your Landing Even Faster

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, there are times when you want to get to the ground as soon as possible. Whether it be in the beginning to get good loot early on, or in the pinch of a battle when your squad calls you back in in the last minutes to get back to fighting as soon as possible..

In any point, unless you dive straight down, usually every dives to the ground at the same speed. Luckily, a simple trick useable with any Legend allows you to speed up how fast you make it to the ground.

Reddit user and Apex Legends player reservecrate shows off how to use the trick in a game's first drop. After launching at the start of a round, guide your legend over a high-altitude out-of-bounds area like a mountain or cliff with jagged edges. This will initiate the landing sequence.

Then, while it’s happening, turn your legend directly into the side of the mountain or cliff. If you do it correctly, you’ll effectively "land" there and lose your jetpack, even though you cannot stand on it. It will also tell you that you’re out of bounds.

From that point onwards, all you need to do is jump down towards the ground. You’ll descend at a much faster rate compared to other players, no different from how you would be falling if you jumped off a building.

This free-falling trick has been around for a while, but it's always a good one for those in a rush to get to the ground immediately and get into action before your opponents.