Sing Along Emote in Fortnite Explained

Sing Along Emote in Fortnite Explained
Sing Along Emote in Fortnite Explained / Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Sing Along emote in Fortnite is a brand new emote added to the store for the holiday season. Sing along is unlike most other emotes in the game because it is actually a cooperative emote. A team with multiple players using the sing-along emote at the same time will have different effects. The full team of four using the emote will turn your team into a beautiful choir.

Sing Along Emote Fortnite

Sing along emote in Fortnite will be in the store for a limited time, so players interested in acquiring this holiday-themed emote will need to pick it up soon. However, the emote was added on Dec. 10, meaning that it will be in the store for quite a while, Dec. 14 to be exact before it rotates out. It is being sold for 200 V-bucks, it doesn’t get much cheaper than that. 

For players looking to get an emote that works alone and with teammates will be delighted to pick this one up. One of the best things about Fortnite emotes is being able to pair them with ridiculous skins. People who own the Mandalorian skin through the battle pass can already picture pairing this fun emote with the serious Mando skin.