Skarner Wins VGU and New Skin Thematic Season 2022 Poll

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Skarner will be receiving a VGU rework and new skin thematic revamp after winning the Season 2022 poll. Riot Games has announced it will soon begin to rework Skarner, and will release an updated version of the Crystal Vanguard in 2023. Riot makes these visual updates in order to not only modernize the older champion, but to fix any visual design choices that didn't make sense or tie in with the champion's description and lore.

League of Legends has held a poll the last two years on which champion the players would like to see receive a VGU rework and skin thematic revamp. Last year, Udyr had won the poll and Riot has been working on his update throughout 2021 and into. The reworked Udyr will be released sometime this year.

The poll appeared in League of Legends' in-game lobby, where players were able to vote from among Shyvanna, Nocturne, Skarner, Tyrndamere and Kog'Maw for the VGU update and skin thematic. Riot released the results Feb. 4, showing that Skarner had won by a landslide — he received 33.4% of all votes, with Shyvanna in second at 19.6% of the votes.

Riot is constantly finding different ways to modernize League of Legends, as the game was released back in 2009. Despite the addition of new champions and in-game features, there remain older champions who have had a bit of trouble keeping up with the game. By giving older champions a visual update, Riot aims bring them back into the current state of the game.

Skarner was released in 2011, and is an immense crystalline scorpion from a hidden valley in Shurima. Skarner is typically played in top lane or the jungle as he is tanky and fast. Skarner is a great champion in the game, maintaining an average win rate of about 50%, but his pick rate has gone down over the years as his kit is repetitive and a bit boring.

The VGU and skin thematic update in 2023 will aim to improve Skarner and bring his popularity back up in Summoner's Rift.