Skull & Bones Testing Applications Open

Select players will soon be able to see an in-progress Skull & Bones.
Select players will soon be able to see an in-progress Skull & Bones. / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Ubisoft has opened its Insider Program for the long-delayed pirate multiplayer game Skull & Bones, allowing a select group of players to test an early build of the game and provide feedback to developers.

"We want to see what our players do when they're free to play our game whenever they want, however they want," Ubisoft explained in an FAQ about the program. "Most importantly, we want to know how they feel about the game."

Although Ubisoft says it's keeping the group of participants "relatively small," it is allowing any number of players to apply for the program. Selected players will communicate with developers and each other through dedicated communication channels established by Ubisoft to provide feedback.

"It requires a lot of patience and commitment, and most importantly a strict adherence to a Non Disclosure Agreement as well as our Ubisoft Code of Conduct. Ideal candidates are Skull and Bones fans with a keen interest in game development, with plenty of time to allocate to testing and reporting issues, bugs or just general feedback," reads the FAQ.

Ubisoft first revealed Skull & Bones at E3 2017, but it's been out of the spotlight for most of the time since, and development on the game has been torturous, according to reports. Last we heard, it had been reworked to include live service elements, but Ubisoft never confirmed those reports. It's currently slated for release in fiscal year 2023.