Skye Revealed as Newest Valorant Agent

Skye, Valorant's newest agent has just been revealed
Skye, Valorant's newest agent has just been revealed | Photo by Riot Games

Skye, the newest Agent in Valorant, was officially revealed. First teased on Oct 7, Skye will be dropping along with Act III on Oct. 27. Although there aren't any official details on how her abilities function yet, there's plenty to dig into in the new gameplay trailer.

First and foremost, she's got a healing ability. Yes, finally someone other than Sage. Skye's healing looks like it will work a little differently than her counterpart's. Based on the footage it looks like her healing ability will be AOE with healing being given to all teammates within a radius around her. This will likely heal a little bit less than Sage, since she focuses on healing one at a time.

Skye Revealed as Newest Valorant Agent

The first ability we see her use in the trailer is a hawk-like projectile that she guides using her crosshairs. It appears to have a blinding effect on enemy players. Based on the projectile's maneuverability it may end up being useful to hit enemies around corners.

She also has a ground based construct, reminiscent of a Tasmanian Tiger, that appears to be controlled similarly to Sova's Owl Drone but with limited vision. It is show to be able to explode once it makes contact with an enemy, seemingly applying a debuff when it does so.

Skye's ultimate appears to be a seeking attack, where Jellyfish-like projectiles seek out and reveal enemies on the map. This looks like it will be useful for finding and flushing out enemy combatants.

Overall Skye's kit seems to be a good balance of support and attack based abilities. The hunter motif she shares with Sova is expanded upon with her pack based fighting style and ability to both support her teammates and flush out the enemy.