Skylanders Ring of Heroes Rune Sets

Skylanders Ring of Heroes' rune sets are important to learn for each hero and which enemy you are facing. The game has a simplistic system, but the complication is learning which runes go with which hero.

Here are the run sets in Skylanders Ring of Heroes.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Rune Sets

There are Energy, Strike, Resist, Rage, Ward, Hope, Focus, Fatal, Hit, and Dodge.

They each have a different number set. Energy, Resist, Ward, Focus, Fatal, Hit, and Dodge all have two sets. Strike, Rage, and Hope all have four sets. You have to unlock these runes and they each have levels from one to four: four being the best.

The game is a lot like League of Legends years ago. When League of Legends was first made, you needed to unlock and buy the runes you wanted to use. So while you needed to wait to unlock certain champions, you then needed to buy the runes that were appropriate to your champion. Skylanders Ring of Heroes is similar to that old system.