Skyward Sword Eye Door: Skyview Temple Puzzles Guide

Link as he approaches the first eye door of Skyview Temple
Link as he approaches the first eye door of Skyview Temple / Nintendo

Skyward Sword eye door puzzles exist inside the Skyview Temple, the first major dungeon in the game.

To begin with, solving the three eye door puzzles located in the Skyview Temple, Link must approach the eye and spin his sword, making the mob confused. This will turn the eye door's original blue eye to a crimson eye, marking the completion of that eye door.

Skyward Sword Eye Door

The first eye door is straightforward. Approach the eye door on the platform and proceed to spin your sword in circles. The eye door will follow your sword's direction, eventually confusing it enough to have the eye lock fall off, unlocking your first door.

The second eye door is slightly different than the first eye door in terms of approaching the eyes themselves. If you get too close to the two eyes in the second eye door, the eyes will close, stopping you from continuing the puzzle. Link must maintain a little bit of distance between himself and the eyes, to which the eyes will then open. Complete the same process as the first eye door of spinning your sword, and you are all set.

The third and final eye door has a couple of extra steps to be done. This door has three eyes to be unlocked, with only the two lower eyes opening themselves as you approach. To get the top-most eye to open, climb the wall of vines behind the third eye door. A box attached to a spider's string will be dangling, use your Beetle to snip off the box from the spider web. All you have to do now is push the box off the edge, situate the box to where you can stand on top of it, and access that stubborn third eye, and you are all set!

Eye doors in Skyward Sword is a nice introduction to the mechanics of puzzles and dungeons, and the Skyview Temple serves as an excellent